BANNUM & BELLUM is a card game in which players will play the role of a General, create their army of mercenaries and lead them in the struggle for power.

The objective of the game is to finish the game being the player with the highest Battle Strength, and this will depend on the chosen formation, among other factors.

There are also 5 modules that add new mechanics and types of difficulty. Combine them as you like and discover all the ways to play!


  • Number of players: 1-4
  • Minimum age: +12 years old
  • Play duration: +15 min.
  • Target audience: Casual and Experienced, Combinatory and Puzzle players.
  • Mechanics: Handbuilding, Combinatory
  • Features: Modular, Language Independent

Content Game

  • 30 Unit Cards
  • 9 Commander Cards
  • 8 Battlefield Cards
  • 6 Myth Cards (Automa)
  • 1 Quick Reference Card
  • 1 Day/Night Coin
  • 1 Weather Dice (1D6 Custom)
  • 1 Myth Dice (1D8 Custom)
  • Score Sheets (50 or 100)